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What is Xignum bim.
Multifunctional platform to manage BIM design and construction process.
We listen carefully, seek solutions and provide You with tailored tool.

Integrated model
Control quality of a whole building model. No need to choose files. Always up-to-date.

All collisions
Instant access to whole sets of collisions and issues, no need to load or generate. Sort, group, filter as you wish.

Each team member
Ensure access to necessary data for each of your team members. Provide easy and effective interface to perform tasks.

Effective scheduling
Auto-generate base schedule from IFC properties. Auto-create and sustain schedule - model relations. Change schedule according to your needs.

Progress visualisation
Visualize construction progress on gantt chart, 3d model and graphs.

Define budgeting rules. Keep track of how much your building costs.

Reality check
Solve problems on the construction site. Add new input to your design - photos, comments, progress.

Field friendly
Mobile application designed to be used in the field. Can be used offline.

Integrated data
Model updates whenever you are online. Data provided in the field are instantly available in the office.

Integrate all files
Designers provide files which are automatically integrated into one model.

Change control
Track changes between any two model versions. See modification history of collisions and issues.

Version control
Access to full history data - see model, collisions or problems from chosen point of time.

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